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The beauty of life is illustrated with every brush stroke in my paintings. I always try to go above and beyond just filling blank space on the wall to truly inspire the people that get a chance to view my paintings. My impressionistic landscapes show not only the physical beauty of the scenes through the eyes of the artist but also the feeling and essence of the place at that time.

My appreciation of the relationship between society and nature comes through in every one of my paintings. The pastel paintings that I create have the look and feel of the environment of the places I have been as well as the unique flavors and nuances that make up the area.

A majority of my paintings are done with chalk pastels, and most of the rest are done in oil. The portrayal of the scene’s colors and light to create an amazing atmosphere is my favorite way to portray the beauty of the places that inspire me. The beautiful skies and vivid colors make pastel painting the best way for Arizona painters to put their heart and soul onto their canvas. My impressionistic landscapes capture the essence and mood of my subjects in a way that sets me apart from other plein air painters.

Thank you for visiting my Website. Here you can find out all about Art by Patricia Bardes and the paintings that have made me who I am today. If you want to add inspirational top quality paintings into your home, business or life, you have come to the right place. Please call today.

Pastels and Oils
All items in the Original Artwork gallery are just that... original artwork, un-framed and un-matted (unless specifically stated otherwise). The items in the Prints gallery are prints made from my originals. They are also un-framed and un-matted.

I am creating this website as a way for anyone who is an art lover or buyer to see a sampling of the artwork I have done. Please take a look around the site, and feel free to send me your thoughts.
~ Pat


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